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Corvallis Forest Timeline: 1905 - 2023

The Corvallis Forest Timeline reveals:

  • Failure of city government to recognize the value of an intact forest as natural infrastructure for drinking water.

  • Community efforts to stop the environmental assault on this city-owned forest.

  • How the U.S. Forest Service has influenced the forest management practices of the City of Corvallis.

  • News articles, scientific research and government reports and that shed light on the threats to drinking water from current forest practices.

  • How the city has kept the Corvallis Forest closed to the public, ostensibly to protect water quality, but effectively keeping the public from observing what was happening there.

  • Failure of city government to genuinely consider public comment in watershed management decisions affecting forests management and drinking water.

In 2023, with climate change & the global extinction crisis upon us, a new plan for the Corvallis Forest is in the works. Will the city continue with business-as-usual logging or will it conclude—as many environmental groups and residents are demanding—that commercial logging must be abandoned in favor of watershed protection and carbon storage?

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