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About Friends of the Corvallis Watershed

Our Mission

Friends of the Corvallis Watershed strives to reform how the Corvallis municipal watershed is managed by the city of Corvallis and the U.S. Forest Service, in order to prioritize drinking water protection, biodiversity and carbon storage over revenue-driven timber extraction.

                                          What we do
  • We provide resources to inform the public, including upcoming meetings and events, watershed science, public comments submitted, and the history of our watershed's management. These resources are vital to help guide the city in revising the 2013 Corvallis Forest Stewardship Plan, but they are either difficult to locate or absent on the city's website.

  • We attend all Corvallis Forest Stewardship Plan Update task force meetings, voicing the public's concerns. We oppose the overall dismissal of community input, both at task force meetings run by the Public Works Department and at city council meetings.

  • We submit public records act requests for public information that the task force has been unwilling to share.


Tabling at the Corvallis Farmers Market September 2023

Opportunities to get involved

Contact your city council member to express your concerns about logging in the Corvallis Forest drinking watershed. Attend city council meetings and speak out!

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